About us

Charlie Betty Beauty is a cruelty free and vegan cosmetics brand established in 2020.

Our aim is to inspire and empower people from all backgrounds to release and realise their true potential with our range of cosmetics.

Charlie's mental health was at it's lowest during lock-down 2020, her one focus was to make sure that women who were in the same boat mentally were not alone. So with this, Charlie Betty's Beauty Hub was created, a small group of women on Facebook talking about all things beauty, fashion and more importantly, their mental health, grew to over 400 members in just over a month - this wasn't just a Facebook group, this was a family.

Through the group, Charlie found that there were so many women battling with deep depression, unresolved trauma and because of this, had totally lost their sense of self, paired with her own past traumas and mental health issues, Charlie was determined to encourage these ladies to find their passions in life again.

We found through the group, that having the freedom, and time, to experiment, apply and wear make up can help restore and establish a lasting sense of identity to overcome feelings of self-consciousness, to feel positive and strong, and this is where The Earth Palette was born, Charlie found peace of mind through spiritualism, getting back to basics, focusing on the world around her, and the ground beneath her feet. Incorporating this into her true passion in life, with over 12 years experience in the beauty industry in her belt, just made sense.

Charlie Betty Beauty is a brand with positivity, empowerment and spirituality at its core. We want to help people find themselves again, find their potential and show their creativity through the art of makeup

You are more than your mental health, We are more than makeup.


Giving back

MIND are an amazing charity who provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problems. Campaigning to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding about Mental Health problems, which is why 5% of Charlie Betty Beauty's annual online sales will be donated to MIND.

Click here to learn more about the fantastic work Mind do.



Charlie's Angels

Paint Splatter 1

With access to meeting rooms in and around our area, we are planning to hold weekly/monthly talking groups for women who want or need to open up.
The road to awareness and understanding of mental health problems is getting better, but there is still a stigma and embarrassment attached to speaking out and getting help. With our meetings, we hope to crush this and create a safe and inspiring place for women to meet, chat and have a cuppa!

We are hoping to be able to create our little spaces soon! So keep checking back!