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About us...

Charlie Betty Beauty is a cruelty free and vegan cosmetics brand established in 2020.

Our aim is to inspire and empower people from all backgrounds to release and realise their true potential with our range of cosmetics.

From a Facebook community created in lockdown 2020, focused on helping women through mental health problems, we found that people, especially those who identify as women, who have had trauma in their lives can start to lose their sense of self, and really struggle with their mental health, but studies have shown that having the freedom to wear make up can help restore and establish a lasting sense of identity to overcome feelings of self-consciousness, to feel positive and strong.

We want to help people find themselves again, find their potential and show their creativity through the art of make up, to be unapologetically and truly themselves.

We want to make a mark in the beauty industry, and we want to give real women, with real issues, a community to belong.


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