Meet The Team


Charlie Miller

CEO & Founder

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Hey!! It's me! First off, thank you so much for reading!

I'm so honored that you've got this far in the site! So i'm Charlie Betty (Charlotte Elizabeth)
I have had mental health problems for as long as I can remember, whether it be my depression, anxiety or body dysmorphia, there has always been something holding me back in life, from being truly myself. Fast forward to 'lockdown 2020', I was probably at my lowest as were most people at the time, so I set up a Facebook group for women who have struggled with mental health issues to join a community where they were free to talk about issues they were having.
People weren’t able to see their friends, had lost touch with people, you know, there were a lot of people going through a rough time.

I centered the community around beauty and skincare and fashion to also create a fun environment for us all, where we could also get deep and get help when we needed it.

The support and love in the group was just phenomenal, I've never belonged to a community as strong as what we created, it was basically this that helped push me to create The Earth Palette.

My crutch has always been makeup, whenever I was having a down day, or my BDD was taking over, I found comfort in creating different looks on myself, makeup empowered me, made me feel fearless, made me feel like my true self, even from being a child, its always helped me express myself in so many different ways.

I'd worked in the beauty industry for over 12 years at that point and it was always in the back of my mind that I wanted to create my own version of beauty. I'd experienced a lot of stigma in beauty salons and similar places I'd worked, I felt like I wasn't pretty enough, 'normal' enough, I had tattoos, I had a 'strange' taste in music, I had different coloured hair, I was always the odd one out, I wasn't stereo-typically beautiful.

So I wanted to create something 'for the underdogs', something to prove you didn’t have to look a certain way, or be a certain way, I wanted to create make up for real people, who had real issues, who wanted to showcase their real selves.

With the support from my husband and my closest girls in the group. I based The Earth Palette on my journey of self-discovery, spirituality,  and freeing myself back into the universe.

I truly hope from this, Charlie Betty Beauty can help as many people as possible, find the freedom to be themselves, to express themselves, and to be unapologetically themselves.


Nonnie Todd

Product Development & QA

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My name is Nonnie! For a long time I had little to no self confidence, it was a battle I faced for years. After finding Charlie Betty Beauty that soon changed. I had finally found an uplifting, empowering and safe community that shattered all physical doubts I had about myself.
As a teen I struggled with acne which followed me into adulthood. It put me into a state of depression so much so that I would literally cover up the mirrors around my house as I hated looking at myself.
I would wear so much makeup because I was ashamed of my own appearance. But I found so much comfort in the community and along the way a new skincare routine that cleared my acne up within a matter of months thanks to the help and guidance from Charlie!
From as young as the age of 16 I have severely struggled with my mental health.
At the age of 20 I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, anxiety and depression. For a long time I struggled with how to cope with life in general and it took me a while to realise I had to surround myself with the right people in order to keep myself afloat. This community is that exactly. I can confide in and lean on people I had been searching for, for what felt like forever. I was instantly welcomed, there was no judgement and always an ear to listen.
I’ve always been a creative person, art will forever be a passion of mine and now thanks to Charlie Betty Beauty I have the confidence to artistically express myself through makeup! I have created looks I didn’t know I was capable of doing and the compliments I get from them are such a confidence boost! Whether is a subtle everyday look or full blown glam, I know I can do it! Even down to the way I dress has been affected. I used to bury myself in oversized, baggy clothing in attempt to hide myself. Now, I can confidently dress to flatter my body simply because I have the confidence to.
Mirrors are no longer covered, I can confidently wear zero makeup to leave the house. I no longer hide my body. I finally love me, for me. Because I now know how to. Thanks to Charlie Betty Beauty.