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Do Good While Looking Good

Do Good While Looking Good: Beauty Brands that ‘Give Back’.

It has come to our attention that in the past 2 years not only has there been a surge in new and innovative businesses, but there also appears to be a surge in more ‘conscious consuming’; Individuals seem these days more likely to purchase from and support small and local businesses, which we think is incredible, but they also seem more likely to purchase from companies that have environmental or charitable messaging; one of the more positive factors that has come from being in and out of lockdown for the past 2 years.

It is clear to us all that the world has changed, business has changed, and people’s mindset has changed, and since the start of the pandemic the spotlight has been put on various issues such as creating awareness of health and environment, supporting mental health and tackling domestic violence (just to name a few).

Because we think that the world needs a bit more love and positivity these days, we thought that we would do a bit of research to see what brands are doing a great job at ‘giving back’. Here is a very small selection of the hundreds that we found:

Burt’s Bees

I’m sure we all know the little yellow tubes of Burt’s Bees, but did you know all about their conservation work? Burt’s Bees have an impressive average of over 99% natural origin for their products, they responsibly source their shea butter from West Africa, AND they have planted over 15 billion wildflower seeds to help preserve the population of Bees. These guys are ticking so many boxes from improving the livelihood of women to saving the world’s Bees, and did we mention that they donated $1.5million to frontline workers?


We all know and love Avon, and we now love them even more with their pledge to help people at risk during the pandemic. They created an Avon Care Moisturising Hand Gel that they then donated to NHS staff. They also used their profits to support Refuge, a domestic abuse charity to help work towards ending violence against women and girls.


This wonderful business means we can always look damn good while supporting great causes! GHD have supported breast cancer charities for many years, and they stand for empowering women and instilling them with confidence. GHD’s Take Control Now campaign encourages young women to be breast aware and to get everyone checking their boobs!

Lucy Bee

Lucy Bee may be a small business, but this loveable brand should have charitable as its middle name. During the pandemic, Lucy Bee donated thousands of its beautiful, natural coconut oil soap bars to over 35 charities, including homeless shelters and the emergency services.

Charlie Betty Beauty

Okay, okay, I know we are blowing our own trumpet here, but that’s only because we are so darn proud of what we do! We have carefully curated a selection of products that are all purely vegan and completely cruelty free, built originally from a community of women who have struggled to express themselves, and on top of that, we support individuals of all backgrounds and their relationships with mental health by donating 5% of our annual sales to Mind mental health charity.

We could go on and on and on with all of the amazing brands we have come across that are working hard to give back to those in need (Rare Beauty, Awake Organics, LVMH & Nathalie Bond just to name a few more). It warms our hearts to see how many people care, and how many people are fighting for so many important causes!

If there are any that you are absolutely loving, please let us know in the comments! We definitely want to share the love and are always looking for good causes to support!!!

For more charitable brands, here are some of the websites where we sourced our information in this article:

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