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Does concealer work as an eye primer?

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

I'm sure we've all spent hours watching Beauty Gurus on Instagram and Youtube show us their insane eyeshadow looks and how to acheive them, and we've spent hours of our lives trying to perfect these looks on ourselves, but when stepping out into the open to show off our Insta worthy face, it doesn't quite look as crisp or as vibrant as it did in the video we've just spent all day pausing and playing and copying, and then we end up convincing ourselves that we've got to have done something wrong, or we just need more expensive makeup - maybe the kind that the beauty gurus are trying to sell us?

The thing is girls (and guys!) - we're forgetting these videos are filmed with studio lighting, the whole idea of the make up techniques our gurus use are simply to look good on camera, and in photos. There is no chance these looks would look even slightly the same in natural lighting.

One of my personal pet peeves is the overuse of concealer, the triangles under the eyes 'trick', the mono brow of concealer brought right onto the lid, because surely, this is all you need as a base for your eyeshadow right?

Wrong! Here's why, our eyelids are generally alot oilier than the skin on our face, this oil that our eyelids produce can break down the eyeshadow and cause creasing on the lid, eyeshadow primer is specifically formulated to combat those oils.

Concealer however, is formualted to neutralise and even out pigment variances of the skin, creating a base layer for your make up, making your shadows appear alot more pigmented and true to pan.

Primer and concealer are two very different products with two very different jobs and arent interchangeable.

You can however use a primer and a concealer at the same time, firstly priming your lids to combat the oils, and then laying down your concealer to create an even base colour and a sticky layer for your eyeshadow to stick to.


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